Accu-Chek Softclix Plus User Manual

Softclix plus

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Comfort Dial with Depth Selection –
This shows the number of the setting on the Comfort Dial

Lancing Device

Plunger (3 functions: priming,

firing, and releasing of lancet)

Protective Cover


Instructions for Use

The ACCU‑CHEK Softclix Plus lancing device uses ACCU‑CHEK Softclix

lancets to obtain a drop of blood from the fingertip. The penetration

depth can be selected to match any type of skin.

This cap is for fingertip testing only.

The clear cap is for testing on sites other than

the fingertip. Do not use the clear cap for fingertip


Note: The ACCU‑CHEK Softclix Plus cap was not designed to be

replaced after each use. The ACCU‑CHEK Softclix Plus lancing

device is intended for use by a single person and is not suitable

for testing multiple persons due to the risk of infections.

Selecting the Depth

The depth on the ACCU‑CHEK Softclix Plus lancing device may be

adjusted by turning the Comfort Dial. The current depth selection is

shown in the center of the depth indicator window.

You can find the depth indicator window as a semi‑circular cutout on

the ejector.

The ACCU‑CHEK Softclix Plus lancing device offers 11 depth settings.

The settings are shown in the depth indicator window by the numbers

1 to 5 with additional levels marked with dots to enable you to

precisely adjust to your individual skin type. The higher the number

visible in the Comfort Dial, the greater the depth setting.

Note: If you are using the ACCU‑CHEK Softclix Plus lancing device for

the first time, start by selecting 1 or 2 to see if the amount of blood

obtained is enough to perform a test. If your skin is calloused or thick,

you may need to try a higher setting.

To select the desired depth setting, turn


the Comfort Dial so that the desired setting

is in the center of the depth indicator


Select a new depth setting by turning the


Comfort Dial. The cap will snap into a new

position, preventing any accidental change

of the depth setting.

Performing a Fingerstick

Remove the colored cap of the lancing


device by using your thumb and finger to

pull on the recessed area. If there is

already a lancet in the device, remove it by

holding the lancing device so that the

lancet points downward and pressing the

plunger. Refer to the section called

“Removing the Lancet”.

Firmly insert a new ACCU‑CHEK Softclix lancet in the lancet holder


until it snaps into place.

Twist the protective cap on the


lancet several times and pull gently to

remove it.

Snap on the colored cap after lining


up the notches. The cap snaps

easily into place.

Select the desired depth setting as instructed in the section


“Selecting the Depth”. Then, press the plunger on the end of

the lancing device all the way down until it stops, like a pen.

The lancing device is now ready for use.

Now, wash your hands and dry them thoroughly. Also warm the


fingers to increase blood flow. If you are using alcohol wipes,

make sure your finger is completely dry before continuing.

Grasp your finger near the area to be pricked and gently massage


for three seconds.

Hold the lancing device firmly against the


side of your fingertip, then press and

release the plunger. Gently squeeze your

fingertip to get a small drop of blood.

The best place to test on the fingertip is the

side, because it has the best blood supply, yet

allows for the least painful fingerstick. Any finger may be used for a


Touch and hold the blood drop to the black notch on the end of


the ACCU‑CHEK Compact test strip. (Consult the section “Running

a Blood Sugar Test with Blood from Your Fingertip” of your

ACCU‑CHEK Compact Plus system’s owner’s booklet to learn


0 Immediately remove used lancet. To avoid accidental injury, do not

store lancet in device.

Removing the Lancet

To remove the lancet, pull off the cap of


the ACCU‑CHEK Softclix Plus lancing


Hold the meter so the lancet points


downward. Press the plunger to release

the lancet into a puncture‑proof container.

Always dispose in accordance with the

local regulations.

To avoid infection, use a new lancet each time you perform a



Remember, you can use your lancing device attached to or detached

from the ACCU‑CHEK Compact Plus meter.

To remove lancing device, slide and hold


down on the release button and, at the

same time, pull down on the lancing

device to remove it from the meter.

Attach the lancing device by lining up the


notches and sliding it until it locks into

place. The lancing device locks easily into









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