Troubleshooting – Hotpoint Ariston TD 640 S (ICE) IX-HA User Manual

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It may happen that the appliance does not function properly or at all. Before calling the service centre for

assistance, check if anything can be done. First, check to see that there are no interruptions in the gas and

electrical supplies, and, in particular, that the gas valves for the mains are open.


The burner does not light or the flame is not

even around the burner.

The flame dies in models with a safety device.

The burner does not remain lit when set to


The cookware is unstable.

Possible causes/Solution

• The gas holes on the burner are clogged.

• All the movable parts that make up the burner are

mounted correctly.

• There are draughts near the appliance.

• You pressed the knob all the way in.

• You keep the knob pressed in long enough to activate the

safety device.

• The gas holes are not blocked in the area corresponding

to the safety device.

• The gas holes are not blocked.

• There are no draughts near the appliance.

• The minimum setting has been adjusted properly.

• The bottom of the cookware is perfectly flat.

• The cookware is positioned correctly at the centre of the


• The pan support grids have been positioned correctly.

If, despite all these checks, the hob does not function properly and the problem persists, call the nearest Customer

Service Centre. Please have the following information handy:

• The appliance model (Mod.).

• The serial number (S/N).

This information can be found on the data plate located on the appliance and/or on the packaging.

 Never use unauthorised technicians and never accept replacement parts which are not original.

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