Altec Lansing FX6021 User Manual

Page 6

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No sound from
one or more

Crackling sound
from speakers.

Sound is


No sound
from subwoofer.

Low hum
from subwoofer.

Loud hum
from subwoofer.

Not enough bass
from subwoofer.

Too much bass
from subwoofer.


Remote does
not work.

Satellite base
is loose.

Power isn’ t turned on.

Volume is set too low.

Audio cable isn’ t connected to audio source.

Audio cable is connected to wrong output on
audio source.

Problem with audio source device.

Bad connection.

Problem with your audio source device.

Volume level set too high.

Sound source is distorted.

Too close to a radio tower.

Subwoofer volume set too low.

Sound source has little low-frequency content.

The AC in your house is at 60 cycles per second, which
is within the audio frequency of the subwoofer.

Bad connection.

Volume on your audio source device set too high.

Bass setting is too low.

Bad connection.

Bass setting is too high.

Subwoofer too close to monitor/TV.

Battery may be dead.

Tighten base.

Verify that the subwoofer’s AC power cord is plugged into both the wall
outlet and subwoofer.

Verify that the Power button has been pressed and that a blue EQ LED
is illuminated.

Turn the rotary knob to the right to raise the system master volume.

Check volume level on the video gaming system or alternate audio source
device, and set at mid-level.

Connect audio cable from the audio source. Check plug connections on both
the subwoofer and audio source. Make sure these signal cables are inserted
firmly into the correct jacks.

Make sure that a cable connects the output jacks on the audio source to the
input jacks on the FX6021’s subwoofer.

Test the speakers with another audio source.

Check all cables. Make sure they are connected to the “line-out” or “audio-
out” jacks on your audio source device.

Test the speakers using another audio source (e.g., VCR, DVD, portable
CD player, cassette player or FM radio).

Decrease the volume level on your FX6021’s wired controller or the volume
level on your audio source (if possible.)

Try a different sound source like a music CD.

Move your speakers to see if the interference goes away. If not, you may be
able to purchase a shielded stereo cable from your local electronics shop.

Adjust the bass level on the wired controller or remote.

Try a game, movie or song—anything with more prominent bass tones.

Some low hum may be detected when your speaker system is powered on
without an audio source playing, or when the volume is set at an extremely
low level.

If you are using a surge protector with your FX6021 speaker system, disconnect
and plug the power adapter directly into an AC wall outlet.

Move your cables. Check to ensure they are making a clear connection.

Disconnect your stereo cable from the audio source. If the loud hum goes
away, lower the volume on the audio source.

Adjust the bass level on the wired controller or remote.

Verify that all cables are connected properly and are making a clear

Decrease the bass level on the wired controller or remote.

Because the subwoofer IS NOT magnetically shielded, it may cause distortion if
it is placed too close to your monitor/TV. Move the subwoofer so it’s at least 2
feet from your monitor/TV.

Replace the remote battery with a CR2025 or equivalent.

Use a standard Phillips-head screwdriver to tighten the two screws located on
the rear of each set.


Possible Problem