ZAGG ZAGGkeys SOLO User Manual


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Place the device into the central groove

and lean back. Most devices can be used in

both portrait and landscape mode.

On the keyboard, slide the power switch on. The status light

illuminates for four seconds, and then it turns off.

Apple®: Select Settings > General > Bluetooth® > On.

Android™: Apps > Settings > Wireless Networks > Bluetooth®

(to turn on the Bluetooth®.) Then select Bluetooth® Settings >

Find Nearby Devices.

Press the Connect button on the keyboard to make it

discoverable. The status light flashes on keyboard and the

device displays “ZAGG Keyboard” as an available device.

Select “ZAGG Keyboard” on the device. The device will display

a unique code.

Type the code using the keyboard and press Enter. The

keyboard is now paired to the device.


Powering on and pairing your keyboard

Lights and buttons


Charge the ZAGG Keyboard

The Bluetooth® keyboard should only need to pair to your device

once as follows:

Flashes when the battery is low (there’s about a 20% charge and

two to four days of use remaining)

Flashes when pairing

Lights briefly when you turn on the keyboard, and then turns off

The ZAGG Keyboard uses a long-life, rechargeable battery that gives

you several weeks of normal use. The keyboard goes into sleep

mode if it’s left on and not being used. Press any key and wait a

second or two to bring the keyboard out of sleep mode.

The lithium-polymer battery in the keyboard has no memory effect

and may be charged whenever you wish.

When not in use for a prolonged period, we recommend that you

turn off the keyboard to lengthen the battery life.

Plug the micro-USB cable into the micro-USB port on the keyboard.

Plug the other end of the cable into a powered USB port on a computer,

your device wall charger, or any other USB compatible charger.

Charging light:

Turns on when charging and turns off when fully charged



Bluetooth® button

Charging light

Status light









Status light:

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