Sony MZ-M200 User Manual

Hi-md music transfer for mac ver. 1.0, Providing the required system environment, What you can do with a macintosh

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Hi-MD Music Transfer




Operating Instructions

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Hi-MD Music Transfer for Mac Ver. 1.0

This manual explains the operations that can be done on a Macintosh-compatible Hi-MD
Walkman* when connected to a Macintosh computer.

* Macintosh-compatible Hi-MD Walkmans (as of April 2006):

(Some models may be available in certain regions only, such as North America.)

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Providing the required system environment

The following system environment is required in order to use the Hi-MD Music Transfer software
for the Hi-MD Walkman.


• CPU: PowerPC G3, G4, or G5
• Hard disk drive space: 10 MB or more (The amount space will vary

according to the number of music files stored on the hard disk.)

• RAM: 128 MB or more
• CD drive
• USB port

Operating System

Mac OS X version 10.3 - 10.4

This software is not supported by operating systems other than those listed above, operating
systems that are upgrades from the original manufacturer-installed system, multi-boot
environments, or multi-monitor environments.


• We do not ensure trouble-free operation on all computers that satisfy the system requirements.
• When connecting the Hi-MD Walkman to a computer, make sure to set the computer so that it does not change

to sleep mode either automatically or by manual operation.

• Make sure not to connect the Hi-MD Walkman to the computer while the computer is in sleep mode.

• The displayed items in the illustrations that appear in this manual may differ from the actual items displayed

by the software.

• Explanations in this manual assume a familiarity with basic computer operations. For details on the use of

your computer and the operating system, please refer to the respective manuals.

• Copyright laws prohibit reproducing the software or the manual accompanying it in whole or in part, or

renting the software without the permission of the copyright holder.

• In no event will SONY be liable for any financial damage or loss of profits, including claims made by third

parties, arising out of the use of this software.

• In the event a problem occurs with this software as a result of defective manufacturing, SONY will replace

it. However, SONY bears no other responsibility.

• This software cannot be used with equipment other than that which is so designated.
• Please note that, due to continued efforts to improve quality, the software specifications may be changed

without notice.

• Operation of this software with the Hi-MD Walkman other than that provided is not covered by the warranty.
• The ability to display the languages supported by the software will depend on the priority level of the

languages provided by the installed OS. For better results, please ensure that the installed OS is compatible
with the desired language you want to display.
— We do not guarantee all languages will be able to be displayed properly on the software.
— User-created characters and some special characters may not be displayed.

• Depending on the type of the text and characters, the text shown on the software may not be displayed

properly on the device. This is due to:
— The capability of the connected device.
— The device is not functioning normally.

What you can do with a Macintosh

Importing audio data using Hi-MD Music Transfer

Using Hi-MD Music Transfer, you can import audio data recorded in LinearPCM, Hi-SP, or Hi-LP
mode on the Hi-MD Walkman to a Macintosh computer, with the data automatically converted to

Importing audio data

(LinearPCM, Hi-SP, Hi-LP)

Hi-MD Walkman


Storing non-audio data to a disc (Data Storage)

You can store non-audio data (such as text data or image data) to a disc without using Hi-MD
Music Transfer. If you connect a Hi-MD Walkman in Hi-MD mode to a Macintosh computer, the
Hi-MD Walkman will be recognized as a storage medium by the computer, allowing you to store
non-audio data onto a disc using simple “drag and drop” operations. In this way, you can use the
Hi-MD Walkman as you would any external storage device.


• You cannot format a disc on a Macintosh computer.
• Make sure not to delete the file management folder and file (HMDHIFI folder and HI-MD.IND file) on a


The storage space for each disc (formatted with the Hi-MD Walkman)

The storage space is varied depending on disc type.

1GB Hi-MD disc


standard disc


standard disc


standard disc

Total size

964 MB

291 MB

270 MB

219 MB

Disc management
space *

1.65 MB

1.65 MB

1.65 MB

1.65 MB

Free space

963 MB

290 MB

268 MB

217 MB

* This is space that is used for managing the files on the disc. The size of the disc management space changes

according to the operating conditions of your computer and other factors. Therefore, the actual space available
for use may be lower than that displayed by the computer.

Charging the rechargeable battery in the Hi-MD Walkman (with
USB bus power)

You can charge the rechargeable battery by connecting the Hi-MD Walkman to the USB port of a
Macintosh computer. When you connect the recorder to a Macintosh computer, power (bus power)
from the computer begins to charge the battery in the Hi-MD Walkman.

Installing the software onto your computer

Before installing the software

• Make sure to close all software applications. Especially, make sure to close any virus-check

software, as such software usually demands a large amount of system resources.

• Make sure to install the software before connecting the Hi-MD Walkman to the computer.
• Make sure you log in from an account that has administrator privileges.


Turn on your computer.


Insert the supplied CD-ROM into the CD drive of the computer.



([Hi-MD Music Transfer] icon) on the desktop.



([HiMDMusicTransfer10.pkg] icon) and then

follow the displayed instructions.
Read the instructions carefully.

Was the installation successful?
If any trouble occurs during the installation, see “Troubleshooting”.


You cannot use Hi-MD Music Transfer together with Hi-MD WAV Importer, which is supplied with the
MZ-M100/M10 (sold only in North America). Hi-MD Music Transfer has the same functions as Hi-MD WAV
Importer. Therefore, if Hi-MD WAV Importer is already installed on your computer, you must first uninstall it,
and then install Hi-MD Music Transfer. Using the two applications at the same time may result in the destruction
of audio data or other malfunctions.

To uninstall the software


Double-click [Applications] folder in the hard disk drive and drag the [Hi-MD

Music Transfer] into the trash can.


Log out, and then log in again.

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