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Setting up your Sony CLI




Chapter 3

Overview of basic Palm OS



Your CLIÉ handheld comes with the following Palm OS basic
applications: Date Book, Address Book, To Do List, Memo Pad, and
Calculator applications. This section gives an overview of these basic

Date Book

Date Book lets you quickly and easily schedule
appointments or any kind of activity associated with a time
and date.
In Date Book, you can do the following:

• Enter a description of your appointment and assign it to a specific

time and date.

• Display a chart of your appointments for an entire week. The Week

view makes it easy to spot available times and any potential
scheduling overlaps or conflicts.

• Display a monthly calendar to quickly spot days where you have

morning, lunch, or afternoon appointments.

• Set an alarm to sound prior to the scheduled activity.

• Create reminders for events that are based on a particular date,

rather than time of day. Birthdays and anniversaries are easy to track
with your CLIÉ handheld.

• Attach notes to individual events for a description or clarification of

the entry in your Date Book.

Address Book

Address Book enables you to keep names, addresses, phone
numbers, and other information about your personal or
business contacts.
In Address Book, you can do the following:

• Quickly look up or enter names, addresses, phone numbers, and

other information.

• Enter up to five phone numbers (home, work, fax, etc.) or e-mail

addresses for each name.

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