Digital mode troubleshooting, Digital mode, Troubleshooting – Pioneer CDJ-100S User Manual

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This unit is designed to allow digital output when the
rear panel's DIGITAL OUT switch is set to ON.
The following button functions, however, will not oper-
ate in the DIGITAL OUT mode:
TER TEMPO. In the event that such non-functioning keys
are pressed, the display will show D-OUT ON.
Even if these functions are currently operating,they will
be non-functional when the Digital Out switch is set to
ON. (Cue Point memory alone will continue to be effec-
tive after Digital Out is reset to OFF.) In addition, other
control functions, such as relay play and fader start will
also not function when Digital Out is set to ON, and Auto
Cue will enter pause at the start of the playback track.
Any FL frames current displayed will be erased. In nor-
mal mode, when the Play/Pause button is pressed dur-
ing playback, the frame's interrupted sound will be out-
put, but when the same operation is attempted in the
digital out mode, the frame's interrupted sound will not
be output (during pause, no sound is output).
Also, after a cue point is memorized in normal mode, if
the DIGITAL OUT switch is set to ON, the analog output
will be somewhat delayed from the digital output.

Precautions Regarding Connections

¶ When connecting a cable to the DIGITAL OUT

jack, be sure the power is turned off both to this
unit and to the other unit (DAT, amplifier, etc.).

¶ Be sure that the other component's gain and vol-

ume control dials are set to their lowest settings
before switching this unit's DIGITAL OUT switch
to ON.

Connection Examples




Commercially available
output cable

Connect to DAT, amplifier or other component
furnished with digital input jack.

Incorrect operations can be mistaken as malfunctions. If you believe the unit is not operating correctly, consult the chart
below. Sometimes incorrect operation may be due to a malfunction in another component. If the problem is not fixed,
check the other components used with the player. If the problem still persists, contact your nearest Pioneer authorized
service center or dealer for service.


Disc doesn't eject even when
EJECT button is pressed.

Playback immediately stops
when started. During playback,
the player pauses or stops.

No sound is audible.

Sound is distorted, noise is out-

With certain discs, loud noise
is produced or play stops.


÷ Connect plug to wall outlet.

÷ Use Forced eject pin to remove disc.

(See page 4)

÷ Load the disc correctly with the label

side UP.

÷ Clean the smudges from the disc and

then play it again.

÷ Recheck connections. Refer to installa-

tion instructions.

÷ Check the settings of the audio mixer

switches and sound volume controls.

÷ Clean away dirt.

÷ Press the PLAY/PAUSE button.

÷ Connect to audio mixer's LINE INPUT

terminals. (Do not connect to MIC ter-

÷ Clean away dirt.

÷ Switch OFF TV set, move player away

from TV set or plug the player into a
separate outlet.

÷ Replace disc.

÷ Clean disc.


÷ Power plug is disconnected from outlet.

÷ EJECT button is not operating.

÷ Disc is loaded upside down.

÷ Smudges on the disc, etc.

÷ Output cables are connected incor-

rectly or are loose.

÷ Incorrect operation of audio mixer.

÷ Pin plugs and/or amplifier terminals

are dirty.

÷ Player is in pause mode.

÷ Incorrect connections.

÷ Pin plugs and/or amplifier terminals

are dirty.

÷ Interference is being picked up from

a TV set.

÷ Disc has a bad scratch or warp.

÷ Disc is extremely dirty.