HMC Electronics SV-497AJM 3M Service Vacuum, ESD Safe User Manual

Electronics vacuum, Filter, type 1, sv-mpf1, Filter, type 2, sv-mpf2

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The 3M Electronics Vacuum is a self-contained unit that is designed
for high efficiency cleanup of most business equipment, including
removing toner and dust. Portability, quick setup and efficient safe
operation are key features of this vacuum. Backed with a one HP,
six amp motor, the Electronics Vacuum is made with conductive
housing and conductive attachments making it an invaluable tool for
the electronics marketplace.

The Electronics Vacuum comes with a Type 2 Filter, a detachable
cord and plastic hose (approximately 10 feet). This vacuum
carries one of the industry's longest warranties of three years on


Filter, Type 1, SV-MPF1

The 3M Filter, Type 1 for Fine Particles, is the premium choice
for filter media. Constructed with a concentrated weave, the
Type 1 Filter is ideal for trapping fine particles to 0.3 microns.
This pleated filter is encased in plastic making it durable and
easily disposable. It can also be used in applications in the
color laser printer and copier arena as well as around highly
sensitive equipment.


Filter, Type 2, SV-MPF2

The 3M Filter, Type 2 for Toner/Dust, is used in a wide variety
of applications including removing toner from laser printers
and copy machines. This pleated filter is encased in plastic
making it durable and easily disposable. Replacing a full filter
is easy and clean.


Electronics Vacuum

Model 497AJM, 120 Volt; Model 497ABF, 220 Volt


• Detachable power cord for easy storage
• Easy change out of motor, making the vacuum easy to service
• Conductive housing and attachments quickly dissipate static


• Lightweight (less than nine pounds) and easy to setup
• Complete attachment offering including: stretch hose, crevice

tool, wand and brush

• Dimensions: 7.8 in. x 17.8 in. x 9.3 in.


Electronics Vacuum, Model 497BF

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