Humboldt H-4212MH — Pocket Shear Vane, Metal User Manual


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The Humboldt H-4212MH Pocket Shear Vane Tester comes with 3

vanes and an L-wrench to attach them to the unit. The small vane is

pre-attached to the unit and the standard and large vanes are attached

by sliding them over the small vane, aligning the set screw with the

indent on the small vane and securing them with the set screw.

To Use:

1) Mount the desired vane to the unit and make sure it is secure.
2) Align the “0” on the inner dial on top of the unit with the mark

on the outer ring using a counter-clockwise rotation while holding

the outer ring.

3) The test surface should be at least two inches in diameter and

relatively flat.


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