Kenmore 23501 User Manual

Upright freezer, Caution, Manual contents

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Upright Freezer

Model 23501
5.0 cu.ft. Capacity


Before using your freezer,

carefully read this manual and

the use and care information

inside the freezer door.

Manual Contents:

• Installation
• Operation

• Maintenance
• Troubleshooting

• Parts

• Warranty



When your new freezer is delivered, check

thoroughly for shipping damage and missing parts.

If you find either, please notify Sears at once.

Location is Important

Your new freezer will work best in a dry, ventilated place,

where the temperature falls between 65° and 110° F.

Extreme temperatures can shorten the freezer’s life. Very

high temperatures (such as in an unventiiated garage in

summer) also will make your freezer run more, increasing

its operating cost.

Your freezer must be allowed enough space for proper air

circulation. This freezer is designed for FREESTANDING

INSTALLATION ONLY and should not be recessed or
built-in. Allow 3 inches of space on each side and rear

and 4 inches on the top of the cabinet. This is particularly

important in hotter climates.

Pick a spot where the floor will support the weight of the

freezer fully loaded. It is best to keep your freezer away

from an oven or other heat source. Pick a safe place,

indoors, away from flammables such as gasoline.

Leveling the Freezer

To ensure proper door seal and optimum performance,
level freezer using the leveling leg located on its bottom

front corner.

Once your freezer is in the desired location, use a

carpenter's level and adjust the leveling leg as

necessary to make sure the cabinet is level


Adjust the leg to achieve a 1/4 inch slope from front-



2 bubble on a carpenter’s level) to provide

easy door closure and proper door seal.

If the rear corners need to be raised, use shims made

of wood or other hard materials. Cardboard and other

soft materials will not work.

Electrical Requirements

120 Volts, 60 Hz (60 cycles AC), 15 amps

DC NCT use an extension cord.

Select an electric wall outlet that cannot be turned off

by a switch or pull chain. Be sure that the electric

outlet you select does not need a ceiling drop cord.

Use a fuse or circuit-breaker protected circuit that will

not become overloaded when the freezer is installed.

Electrical Grounding

Your freezer comes with a three-prong plug and must be

inserted into a three-prong, grounded wail outlet.


WARNING: Unless the grounding method

described above is followed, you are not

protected against severe or lethal shock in the

event of the short circuit of the freezer’s wiring

or electrical components.



The freezer temperature is preset to maintain the ideal

temperature for food storage. The evaporator forms the

storage shelves of the unit which provides even freezing

temperatures throughout the freezer. Freezer temperature

will vary depending on the quantity of food stored and on

the frequency of door openings.

Wait 4 hours before loading the freezer. It takes time to

reach storage temperature. During this time the freezer

may run constantly.

Part No. 3023S3

Sears, Roebuck and Co., U.S.A.