Honeywell HomeBase D7900 User Manual

Dolphin, 7900 series homebase, Charging/communication cradle

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7900 Series HomeBase™

The Dolphin HomeBase is a compact charging and communication

cradle that seats one Dolphin 7900 mobile computer. In addition to

charging and communication, it provides safe, convenient storage

for a Dolphin terminal.

This ergonomic cradle supports both USB (12 Mbps) and RS-232

(up to 115 Kbps) communications, making it easy to integrate

into the majority of PC-based enterprise systems. Its high-speed,

direct USB connection is well-suited for batch applications that

involve collecting large quantities and multiple types of data, such

as 1D and 2D bar codes and images that use more sophisticated

applications and databases.

The HomeBase powers a seated terminal while charging its installed

battery in less than four hours. The intelligent battery charging

system incorporated into Dolphin terminals prevents over- and

undercharging. The auxiliary battery well can charges a spare

battery to be on-hand for power-intensive applications.

Like all Dolphin products, the HomeBase is ruggedized to withstand

the harshest of environments yet sleek enough to be easy to handle.

DIN rail slides along the bottom panel enable secure mounting

to a desktop/bench while an available mounting bracket (ordered

separately) enable secure wall-mounting.

Communications and charging status are easily monitored using

the LEDs on the front panel. The DOCK LED indicates when the

Dolphin terminal is properly seated in the HomeBase. The COMM

LED displays the communication status between the seated

Dolphin terminal and its host. The AUX BATTERY LED indicates the

charging status of the spare battery.

Direct Communication: Via USB-compatible host
computer or RS-232 port.

Intelligent Battery Charging: Charges the main battery of
a seated Dolphin terminal in less than four hours.

Auxiliary Battery Well: Charges a spare battery in less
than four hours.

Easy Installation: Adapts to most working environments.

Status LEDs: Indicate charging and communication status
of the seated Dolphin terminal as well as the spare battery.

Charging/Communication Cradle