Hubbell Fixed Transmitter 31.350 User Manual

Fixed transmitter

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Hubbell Industrial Controls, Inc.

Spec Sheet 31.350 • May 2000 • New
Replaces Spec Sheet 31120 of June 96



Hubbell Radio Remote Control Systems


The Hubbell Fixed Transmitter is a microcon-
troller transmitter for use with Hubbell micro-
controller receivers. The fixed transmitter com-
municates to the remote receiver via radio
transmission, eliminating the need for festoon-
ing, cabling, etc.

The Fixed Transmitter is housed in a
NEMA␣ 12 surface-mounting console integrat-
ing several Hubbell operator interface prod-
ucts. The transmitter electronics are essentially
the same as used in the mid-size transmitter.
Internal power supplies are provided for oper-
ation from 120V ac or 250V dc. The antenna
mounts remotely and is conected to the trans-
mitter by coax cable.

Multispeed/bidirectional operator control can
be via a Type 4211 Mini-Master Switch for
each function controlled by the transmitter. The
compact Mini-Master Switch has an operator
head molded with tough fiberglass reinforced
polyester resin and a stainless steel handle.
The switch is available with up to 5 speed
points per direction. Refer to Specification
Sheet 4211 for additional information.

Other operator interface functions (start/stop,
horn, etc.) use toggle switches, and/or push-
buttons & selector switches. Fixed transmitter
consoles are custom designed to meet the us-
er’s specific requirements.