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Increase Security

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With data loss hitting the headlines constantly itÊs vital that companies invest in keeping their
client data secure. A quick guide to security covers a range of hardware and software security

1. Lock Down
Physical security products such as cable locks, portable safes, and laptop
lockers enable you to keep all IT products (and other valuables) safe at-
tempted thefts. Physical security also acts as a strong visual deterrent
to thieves.

2. Encryption
Much data is lost or stolen in transit - on laptops, USB drives, or CDs. A
range of encryption products is available from Hypertec for a variety of
uses. DataSafe USB Flash Drives and Firestorm external hard disk drives
encrypt all data within, using 256bit AES encryption (the strongest avail-
able). Firestorm Optical drives are able to encrypt data before burning it
to disk for storage or transport. Also available is DiskProtect hard drive
encryption software to ensure data is safe on laptops and desktops.

3. Drive Sanitisation
Hyperdrive USB Flash Drives and Firestorm External HDDs come with
disk sanitisation software to enable users to entirely erase data from
memory when required - normal deleting leaves a trace of the data on
the drive which can be recovered.

4. Block Access
Hypertec supply ConnectProtect - a software program which gives com-
panies the ability to block unauthorised USB products from their sys-
tems - including those of mobile workers. We can combine our products
so that only the drives bought from a pre-authorised source will work
on your system, thereby preventing any unauthorised up or downloading
of information. ConnectProtect also logs any unsuccessful attempts at
illegal access.

HypertecÊs sales and product management team is always available to
give you advice on security, simply contact us as below.

Hypertec products are chosen to be simple to use, and of a high quality
which should give you no trouble. However if you need advice, assistance,
or experience problems, simply contact the Hypertec Technical Support
team on 0870 243 5603, between 8.30am - 6pm, Monday-Friday.

Physical security

including notebook cables

DataSafe Drives

with encryption & disk sanitisation

Software security

including encryption products

Firestorm External HDD

with encryption & disk sanitisation