Haan SWIFT SI-25 User Manual

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Q: Can the HAAN Floor Sanitizer be used on laminate flooring?

A: Yes. Your steam mop was designed to be gentle on delicate flooring, yet powerful
enough to penetrate stains and kill harmful germs and bacteria.

It is recommended that the flooring manufacturer be contacted to see if it is OK to
clean the floor with steam. Leaving the steam mop sitting in one spot while steaming
could result in discoloration of flooring.

Q: How long can an Ultra-microfiber Pad be used until it needs to be changed?

A: The pad should be changed every 10 minutes, or when it becomes saturated with
water. The unit will become harder to push with a overly wet pad.

Q: How long does a tank of water last?

A: A full tank will last approximately 20-25 minutes.

Q: Sometimes my floor sanitizer becomes hard to push - why?

A: If the unit is hard to push its likely because the Ultra-microfiber Pad is too wet or
the angle at which you are using the machine is too high.

Q: Does the HAAN work on pet stains?

A: Yes, the HAAN is able to spot clean fresh pet stains by loosening and lifting the

Q: How can I prolong the life of my HAAN?

A: To maintain the life of your unit, we recommend using the Fresh Rinse once a

Q: Will the HAAN Floor Sanitizer clean grout?

A: Yes, but it needs a little help. If you glide your HAAN over the problem areas and
then scrub with your Ultra-microfiber Pad, it should effectively clean your grout.

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