Follett 50FB400A/W 115V User Manual

Symphony, Freestanding ice and water dispensers with maestro, Chewblet

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Freestanding ice and water dispensers with air-or water-cooled
icemaker located in the base of unit. Stainless steel frame and
exterior with plastic trim. Water station standard. Up to 50 lbs
(23kg) storage. Produces approximately 400 lbs (181kg) of
compressed nugget ice in a 24-hour period


Convenient, sanitary, user-friendly dispensing

• Labor-saving, sanitary automatic load
• Lever dispensing standard
• Quick shut-off reduces the amount of wasted ice
• High-quality Chewblet compressed nugget ice is slow

melting, easy to chew

• Clear chute ensures sanitary delivery and focuses ice cleanly

into cups, pitchers, carafes, ice bags


accessory offers even more sanitation

and convenience

• Infrared sensing eliminates container-dispenser contact,

reduces chance of cross-contamination

• Easy, one-hand filling of containers
• Bright graphics direct users to actuation zone

Space-saving, attractive design

• 21" (534mm) width requires less space than competitive

models of similar capacity

• Zero side clearance required for ventilation
• Softly-rounded European styling
• High-quality stainless steel exterior with plastic trim
• Attractive,



Environmentally-friendly Maestro icemakers

• State-of-the-art R404A icemaker automatically
loads dispenser with 400 lbs (181kg) of ice each day
• Stainless steel evaporator and auger
• Energy-efficient; no costly defrost cycles or high waste water
• Quiet production; no noisy harvest cycles


• SensorSAFE actuation package
• Chilled water option (item# AFH20CHIL2550)
• Water filter kit (item# 00130229)

environmentally-responsible ice machine

cleaner (item# 00132001)

• Casters



Freestanding model shown with

SensorSAFE accessory

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Form #2085

230V only

115V only

115V only

Models with integral (A) air- or
(W) water-cooled icemaker

50FB400A/W – 115V, 60Hz
C50FB400A/W – 220V, 60Hz
E50FB400A/W – 230V, 50Hz

Icemaker in base

slides out easily for service


freestanding ice and water

dispensers with Maestro




50 Series

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