Appliance description, Installation – FRIGIDAIRE FCFH 183 BW User Manual

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Place the freezer horizontally on a firm surface, resting

on all four plastic feet. Use a wooden block or similar

object to compensate for any bumps/holes in the

The room should be dry and adequately ventilated.
If the room temperature exceeds 32°C, or falls below

freezing point, the freezer will not function as it should.
Do not place the freezer close to sources of heat,

radiators, chimneys, etc., and do not place the freezer in

direct sunlight.
If the freezer has been handled standing on end it should

be allowed to stand in normal position for about 12 hours

before switching it on.
Please ensure that when the appliance is installed it is

easily accessible for the engineer in the event of a


Appliance Description

Control Panel

1 temperature regulator

2 green mains operating light

3 fast freeze switch with amber light

4 red temperature warning light

Starting up

Please clean the appliance interior and all accessories

prior to initial start-up (see section: „Cleaning and

Insert the mains plug of your chest freezer into the mains

supply. Your appliance is then operational.

The green mains operating light (2) and red

temperature warning light (4) show, and the acoustic

temperature warning sounds.

The green mains operating light indicates operation and

must continuously show.

The red temperature warning light tells you that the storage

temperature has not yet been attained.

If you additionally operate the fast freeze switch (3), the

amber pilot light in the switch (3) illuminates, and the

refrigerating unit operates in continuous mode.

When the fast freeze switch is pressed, the acoustic

temperature warnin immediately stops.

If you switch off the fast freeze switch (3) when the red

temperature warning light (4) has gone out, the amber

light goes out.

The red temperature warning light (4) and acoustic

temperature warning give an alarm if:

the storage temperature has not yet been reached

(starting up).

the minimum storage temperature is no longer being

maintained (fault).


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