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Installing and Removing S-Series 10-Gigabit Modules

This document is for the XFP and CX4 modules that can be installed in the rear expansion slots of the following
S-Series switches — S50, S50N, S50V, and S25P. (The S50 uses a wider module than the module used in the other
models.) Each module contains two 10-Gigabit (10G) ports.

The S50 switch has one expansion slot in the left rear of its chassis (as you face the front of the switch). The other
models have two expansion slots in the right rear of their chassis (as you face the front; see

Figure 1

), into which

you can insert XFP and CX4 modules, in any combination with each other or with a stacking module.

Use the following procedure to remove and install modules:




If the switch is on, save the running config, if desired (and different from the startup configuration),
with the command write memory. Then power off the switch by pulling its power cable.


Removing a module from a running switch will crash and lock up the switch, requiring a

power cycle. While you can insert a module into the switch without a problem, the module will not
be usable until after a reboot.


Use a #2 Phillips screwdriver to remove either the module faceplate or an existing module.
The system numbers the 10-Gigabit ports from left to right (as you face the front of the switch).
So, for clarity in the use of the CLI in port assignment, if you are using only one XFP or CX4
module in the S50N, S50V or S25P, insert it in the left-most expansion slot.


Grasping the module faceplate, remove the module from its packaging and slide it into the slot
until the module faceplate is flush with the switch.

Figure 1 Inserting a 10G Module in an S50N, S50V, or S25P


Secure the captive screws on either side of the module.


Carefully slide the module
straight into the bay to
avoid damaging its