Furman Sound PS-8RE User Manual

Power sequencer instruction sheet, Models ps-8, ps-8r, ps-8e and ps-8re

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Congratulations on your purchase of a Furman PS-8 Power

Sequencer, a well-designed, reliable, and simple to use product
that will help you avoid many headaches involved in installing a
rack full of complex equipment.

The PS-8 Power Sequencer is needed whenever various

kinds of equipment must be powered up or down in groups, rather
than all simultaneously. In audio systems, sequenced powering is
often necessary to allow turn-on transients from low level
amplifiers and processors to settle down before any power amps
are turned on, because simultaneous powering would result in a
loud, annoying, and potentially destructive “pop” reaching the
speakers. And in any large system whose components present
an inductive load to the AC line (including electric motors, power
supplies, and power amplifiers of all kinds), sequenced powering
can avoid excessive inrush currents that cause circuit breakers to
trip even though the steady-state currents are not excessive.



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PS-8 Features

Power-up in three delayed outlet groups

Power-down reverses sequence

Triple-mode varistor spike and surge suppression

RFI filtering with multi-stage pi filter

Power Status LED’s indicate which outlet groups have power

Mains Wiring indicators monitor wiring integrity, show Normal
and five kinds of faults

Rated 15 amps

Remote option allows turn-on and turn-off at a distance
simply by connecting a momentary or maintained-contact
switch (and LED if desired)

Multiple units may be linked to handle higher currents and/or
more than three delay groups

Three pairs of switched outlets on rear panel

Three unswitched outlets (one front, two rear)

Circuit breaker

Ten foot heavy duty A.C. cord

Three year limited warranty

Power Sequencer

Instruction Sheet

MODELS PS-8, PS-8R, PS-8E and PS-8RE

Power Sequencing Features

Using the PS-8 is a simple and inexpensive way to apply and

remove power in a controlled, repeatable, foolproof 3-step
sequence. It is ideal when large installations must be switched by
inexperienced personnel.

The PS-8 provides three outlet pairs labeled Delay 1, Delay 2,

and Delay 3, that receive power approximately 1/2, 5, and 10
seconds, respectively, after the front panel switch is thrown to “ON.”
When thrown to “OFF,” the sequence is reversed, with Delay 3
losing power after approximately 1/2 second, Delay 2 after 5
seconds, and Delay 1 after 10 seconds. See the rear panel
illustration on the next page. The turn-on delay intervals are factory
preset at these durations, but may be altered by means of an
internal trimpot adjustment (see “Adjusting the Delay Intervals”
below for details). In addition to the delayed outlets, a single front
panel outlet and a rear panel pair are unswitched. Power is available
at the unswitched outlets regardless of the position of the front
panel (or remote) switch. All rear panel outlets are standard 120V,
15A duplex types. Isolated-ground “Super Spec” outlets are
available by special order.

In the event of a power out, of course all equipment plugged

into a PS-8 will lose power simultaneously. However, when power
is restored, the delayed outlet groups will again turn on in the
usual delayed sequence.

We recommend that power amps receive power last —

plug them all into Delay 3 or divide them into two groups and plug
one group into Delay 2 and the other into Delay 3. Low level equip-
ment such as mixers and signal processors should use Delay 1.

Equipment incorporating clocks or timers such as VCR’s, or

equipment that must respond to wireless remote actuation should
use the unswitched outlets. We suggest keeping the front panel
unswitched outlet free for equipment that is only in use temporarily.

The overall capacity of the PS-8 is 15 amps. This refers to the

combined steady-state current drawn by all devices plugged into
all of its nine outlets. If this combined current level exceeds 15
amps at any time, the circuit breaker will trip, cutting off power to
your rack. If this occurs, you must reduce the load by unplugging
one or more units from the PS-8. Then push the white button on

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