Fuji Bikes Carbon Team Pro (US) User Manual

Carbon fork installation guide

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Dear Fuji Customer:

Congratulations! The carbon fiber Fuji bike that you have chosen is among the finest of

advanced products available in cycling. And while Fuji’s frames and forks pass the very highest
of safety standards during production, carbon fiber remains a unique material that requires

care and maintenance once you’ve taken your bike home.

Please take a moment to review these carbon fiber care instructions so that you can get the

most out of your ride.

Also, please note that Fuji is proud to offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all of our bicycles.

For more information, contact your local authorized Fuji dealer. You can find a list as well as

other valuable information about Fuji’s products at www.fujibikes.com.


Patrick J. Cunnane
President, Advanced Sports, Inc. / Fuji Bicycles


Please read the following instructions regarding carbon fork installation. If you have any doubt

about your mechanical ability, please visit your local authorized Fuji dealer. Fuji recommends
that the fork be installed according to recommended torque specifications.

Also, please heed the following warnings. Failure to follow any warnings may result in a
catastrophic failure of the fork which may, in turn, result in serious injury or death.

Warning: The recommended torque specs in the guide are specific for this Fuji
product. Refer to owners manual for the mating component’s recommended torque.

Always use the lower torque recommendation.


Make sure that there are no burrs or sharp edges that could damage the surface in contact

with each other. If burrs or sharp edges exist, use a fine grit sandpaper to eliminate. Make
sure that all edges that are in contact with the steerer are rounded out to eliminate any stress


Warning: Burrs or sharp edges can damage the steerer tube. Any deep scratch or

gouge in the fork can weaken the component resulting in failure, causing serious

injury or death.

NOTE: Do not use internal wedge clamp style stems which can cause damage to the steerer

tube when tightened. Fuji recommends using an external slotted clamp. (See fig. 1)


Lightly grease the base of the steerer tube before installing the crown race.

Seat the crown race onto the base of the steerer tube using a crown race installation tool.

While installing the crown race, the fork should be held by the legs. Placing the fork dropouts

on any surface can damage the dropouts.

Insert the headset into the frame following the headset manufacturer’s instructions. Insert

the steerer tube into the frame. Place the desired amount of headset spacers and the stem.

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