Firex COQ6 User Manual

Firex Car alarm

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COQ3 — 120V AC Direct Wire
COQ6 — 120V AC Direct Wire

with 9V Battery Backup

Owner’s Manual

Thank you for purchasing a Firex carbon monoxide alarm.

It is an important component of your home security system.

Please read this booklet thoroughly. The more familiar

you are with the information it contains, the easier you will

find it to install, operate, and maintain your carbon monoxide

alarm properly. This ultimately means greater security

and peace of mind for you and your family.

The Maple Chase Company

2 The Dangers of Carbon Monoxide (CO)

2 CO Alarm Features

3 Where to Install Your CO Alarm

4 How to Install Your CO Alarm

5 How to Operate Your CO Alarm

6 What to Do if the Alarm Sounds

6 Maintenance and Cleaning

6 Replacing the Battery (Model COQ6 only)

7 Troubleshooting

7 Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

8 Home Safety Tips

8 Limited Warranty

Table Of Contents

Models COQ3 and COQ6


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