Important notice about leaking bottles – Greenway Home Products VWD5276BLK User Manual

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If you find that your dispenser is leaking, check the water bottle first!

Almost all 3 and 5 gallon water bottles are recycled and handled extensively during cleaning, filling,
and shipping. As a result they are very prone to developing pin holes or small cracks that can cause an
overflow (or leak) when placed on top of a water dispenser.

Most often, there is nothing wrong with your water dispenser. If you are
experiencing a leak, this simple test will allow you to determine whether
your water bottle or dispenser is the source of the problem.

1. Unplug the unit, turn off power switch and remove the water bottle.

2. a) Remove the bottle support collar and check the water level inside

the reservoir – it should be at roughly three-quarters full.

b) Please add or drain a few glasses of water to achieve the required

fill level. Water level should be approximately 3/4” – 1” BELOW

3. Let the water sit for approximately 2 hours. If the dispenser does not

leak, it is the bottle that is leaking due to a small crack or pinhole.
Please contact your water supplier for a replacement bottle.

Please visit us at for water dispenser
accessories and helpful use and care tips.

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Dispensing Room and Cold Water

Place a glass under the appropriate tap. For cold water, press the blue tap downward until the desired
amount of water is dispensed. Before the Insta-HOT feature is activated, the red tap dispenses room
temperature water. To dispense room water, squeeze the red handle and press downward until the
desired amount of water is dispensed. (For hot water, See Dispensing Hot Water, pg 5).

Adjusting the Temperature (Cold water only)

By turning the thermostat at the back of the unit, the temperature can be
adjusted. Turn the dial clockwise between the min (cool) and max (colder)
levels until the desired temperature is reached.

If the water dispenser is not dispensing water, there could be a possible ice build
up due to the thermostat being set too cold. If this happens, unplug the dispenser
overnight and then reset. Set thermostat to MIN, slowly increasing based on your
use and need for cold water.