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Amplified Quantum


Instruction Manual


Thank you for your purchase of the GE branded Amplified Quantum


Before you begin your installation, please read these instructions carefully and keep

these instructions for future reference. The 24775 Amplified Quantum™ Antenna is

specially designed for HDTV. The extreme low noise amplifier design provides the

best reception performance in its class. The compact and stylish housing can be

placed in virtually any location.


• Slim profile design

• 33.3” VHF Antenna

• UHF 470MHz – 870MHz

(For Viewing Channels 14-69)

• VHF Dipole 47MHz – 230MHz

(For Viewing Channels 2-13)

• Amplifier Gain 20db

• Low noise amplifier technology

• Directional

• Power LED indicator

Package Content

• Quantum™ HD Antenna

• UL listed AC Adapter

• Users Manual

Assembly and Installation

1. Unpack contents of package.

2. Unfold and position the antenna where it can receive the best reception.

3. Uncoil the coax cable and connect the “F” connector to the back of the TV.

4. Uncoil the cord on the AC adapter and connect the plug end to the DC input on

the back of the antenna labeled “DC 9 – 12 V.”

5. Plug the AC adapter into a standard AC outlet or surge protector.

(Note: use only the AC adapter supplied with the antenna. Use of another

adapter will void manufacturer warranty).

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