Golden Technologies AWLL5077 User Manual

Quick installation guide, Install the wireless usb adapter

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Quick Installation Guide

Golden 150 Wireless Mini USB Adapter

Model # AWLL5077

Install the Wireless USB Adapter

This Quick Installation Guide only provides the basic installation instructions.
For detailed instructions of other advanced features, please refer to the User’s
Manual that can be found on the provided CD.

For Macintosh users, you can find the software and installation instructions for
MAC 10.4, 10.5 under the MAC folder on the provided CD.

Step 1.1

Insert the USB adapter into an available USB port of your computer.

Step 1.2

Click Cancel when you see the Found New Hardware Wizard.

Section 1

Ver. 1.0

Package Contents:

• Golden 150 Wireless Mini

USB Adapter

• Driver & Utility CD
• Quick Installation Guide

Windows XP/2000 Users


Windows Vista Users


Step 1.3

Insert the Installation CD in the CD drive. The Autorun screen will pop

up. Select Install Utility and Driver from the menu.