Specifications, Cleaning kit – Greenway Home Products VWD5206W User Manual

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Output per hr:


0.5 gal / 2.0 L

Internal Tank:


0.8 gal / 3.2 L

Cooling Temp (approx.):

46°F / 8°C

Power Consumption:


90 W

Cleaning the Inside of the Dispenser
To prevent mineral deposits that can affect the taste and flow of the water and to ensure proper product
performance, your water dispenser must be cleaned every 4 months.
1. Make sure the power switch is in the OFF position.
2. Remove the water bottle and bottle support collar.
. Drain the reservoir. (See Draining the Reservoir).
4. Pour water dispenser cleaner or a mixture 0.3 gal / 1 L of vinegar

with 0.3 gal / 1 L of hot water into the reservoir and wait 20
minutes. If using a water dispenser cleaning solution, please follow
the manufacturer’s instructions.
IMPORTANT: To avoid water overflow while cleaning the dispenser,
always remove the bottle support collar before pouring water or
cleaning solution into the reservoir. (See Figure A, page 3).

5. Press both dispensing taps until water no longer comes out.

IMPORTANT: Collect the water into a container, not the drip tray.

6. Rinse with clean water.
7. Replace the bottle support collar and the water bottle. (See Installing the Water Bottle).

IMPORTANT: Drain approximately 4 glasses of water from each tap before initial use.
This does not need to be done with replacement bottles.

Going Away on Vacation
When not using the dispenser for long periods of time or when going on vacation, conserve energy
by setting power switch to the OFF position, unplug the dispenser and drain the reservoir.
(See Draining the Reservoir). Follow Initial Product Cleaning Procedures upon return and
startup of the dispenser.

Cleaning Kit

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