GoVideo R6740 User Manual

Dvd player/recorder

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The GoVideo Experience:

Innovation, Simplicity,

Value, Support.

DVD Player/Recorder



Sleek, slimline design – Fits easily into an entertainment center

Digital Video input (DV/IEEE1394) on front panel – Control your digital camcorder

and create DVDs from your home movies

EZ-Guide – An intuitive feature that makes the DVD recording experience

simple and fun

YourDVD™ personalizes DVD audio and video playback settings, overriding disc

defaults automatically

AutoPlay™ – Skips ads and menus and goes right to the start of the movie

Record TV broadcasts on DVD – Built-in tuner connects directly to your cable or

antenna (RF)

Record to DVD+R & DVD+RW discs – 5 record-quality settings: 1hour, 2 hour, 3

hour, 4 hour, and 6 hour

Versatile Entertainment – Plays DVDs, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, Music CDs, MP3

audio and JPEG image files on CD-R/RW

GoVideo White Glove Customer Care – Call us (800-736-7679) and we will walk

you through your first DVD recording – for FREE. We even include a blank disc. Our

White Glove team ensures you a great DVD recording first time, every time

Experience the advantages of DVD Recording – Consistent
playback quality, virtually indestructible discs, quick access
to any part of the recording, easy sharing and storage.
All-in-one full featured, easy to use player/recorder.