Frequently asked questions, Attention – Greenway Home Products VWD866W-3 User Manual

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Q: Why is my water dispenser leaking?
: If you are experiencing a leak with your water dispenser please do the following to see if the water

bottle or the dispenser is leaking.

1. Unplug the unit, turn off the power switch and remove the bottle.

2. Remove the bottle support collar and check the water level inside the reservoir – it should be at

roughly three-quarters full. Water level should be approximately 3/4” – 1” (2 - 2.5 cm)


3. Let water sit for 2 hours. If the dispenser does not leak, it is the bottle that is leaking due to

a small crack or pinhole and it needs to be replaced. If the dispenser is leaking, please
contact Greenway Home Products at [email protected] or 1-866-253-0447.

Q: Why do I get a plastic taste from my dispenser?
: As with most new appliances such as coffee makers and kettles, there is often a plastic taste upon

initial start-up of the unit. To remove this taste, simply follow the cleaning instructions outlined in
Cleaning the Reservoirs.

Q: What do the ready-to-dispense indicator lights mean?

A: When illuminated, they mean the following:



Heater is in operation


The hot water has reached its optimum
temperature and is ready for dispensing



The cold water has reached its optimum
temperature and is ready for dispensing

Q: What is the spike that goes into the bottle?
: vitapur


water dispensers feature a “piercing valve” as part of the bottle support collar, providing

added convenience for water bottle installation. Depending on the water bottle supplier, a small
opening may or may not be present in the bottle cap for this specific purpose. If the piercing valve
opening is not present, the entire bottle cap must then be removed to eliminate possible damage to
the piercing valve. If the opening is present, remove the protective seal prior to installing the bottle.


Do not return this product to the store. For questions on operation, assembly

or parts, please contact us at or 1-866-253-0447.


Possible Cause

Suggested Solution

Refrigerated compartment

Compartment is empty, or there is a

For maximum efficiency, refrigerated

temperature does not

limited number of items in it.

compartment should be kept full at all times.

seem cold enough

The refrigeration system utilized in your water dispenser is passive in nature, and should
not be compared to air driven refrigeration systems. Compartment should be used for
non-perishable items only; it is NOT designed to store dairy products.