Monogram, Undercounter installation (in inches) – GE MONOGRAM ZTD910BF/SF/WF User Manual

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Specification Revised 10/05



ZTD910BF/SF/WF – GE Monogram 30" Warming Drawer

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Outlet 16" Max.

From Left Side

Installation Belo


a Dr



23-1/2 Min.

Solid Barrier


Air Gap


1-1/2 Cabinet Top




1 Min.*



Electrical Outlet 42" Max.

From Right Side

Install a Solid Barrier

Below a Cooktop

See Note

Electrical Outlet

Flush With Side

of Cabinet 7" Max.



2x4 or 2x2

Anti-Tip Block

Against Rear

Cabinet Wall

9" From Floor

to Bottom

of Block


Install a Solid Barrier

and a 1/4" Air Gap

Above Warming Drawer

Undercounter Installation (in inches)

Note: When installing warming drawer with a cooktop,

allow a 2" minimum from cooktop burner box bottom to

top of cut-out.
Important Installation Note:

Must provide anti-tip brace at the back of the cabinet and

at the top of the cutout.
Optional Accessories:
– 3/4" wood panel trim kit

• When installed, the front face of the drawer will be nearly flush

with adjacent cabinetry doors.

• Drawer overlaps will conceal cut edges on all sides of the opening.

The rough opening for the drawer must be:

–Depth 23-1/2" min. from inside back to front of cabinet frame.

–Width 25-1/2" for 27" wide models, 28-1/2" for 30" wide models.

–Height 9-1/4"

• 5" min. above floor or 1" above toekick. 23-1/4" from floor to bottom

of cutout is recommended for under countertop installation.

Installation below a cooktop:

Warming drawers are approved for installation below only certain

specified cooktop models. See the label attached to the top of the

warming drawer for approved models. A solid barrier and air gap

between cooktop and warming drawer is required. See Note above.

Installation below a cabinet drawer:

The warming drawer may be installed beneath a cabinet drawer. In

this installation, a solid barrier should be installed above the warming

drawer to block access. Use any solid material such as 1/4" thick

plywood. Allow at least 1/4" air gap between the barrier and the

top of the warming drawer. Observe the 5" min. above the floor or 1"

above the toekick minimum installation height.
Note: If you are installing in frameless cabinets, it may be necessary

to install 1/2" wide cleats to accept drawer mounting screws. See

drawer to find exact locations of mounting screws.

Side to Side Installation:

Install two warming drawers in separate cutouts. Allow 2" min.

between cutouts.

* Note: When installing the warming drawer below a

cooktop, a solid barrier must be installed at 1" from the

lowest point of the bottom of cooktop burner box to the

top of cutout. Use any solid material such as 1/4" thick

plywood. Allow at least 1/4" air gap between the barrier

and the top of the warming drawer. See label on top of

the warming drawer for approved cooktop models.



Side to Side Installation


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