How to use – George Foreman GRP3 User Manual

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Product may vary slightly from what is illustrated.

1. Removable grill plate (upper) (Part # 22933U)
† 2. Upper grill plate release handles (both sides)
3. Removable grill plate (lower) (Part # 22933L)
† 4. Lower grill plate release handles (both sides)
5. Power cord
† 6. Spatula (Part # 20166)
† 7. Drip tray (Part # 22934B)
8. Preheat indicator light (not shown)
Note: † indicates consumer replaceable/removable parts

how to use:

This product is for household use only.
• Remove all packing material and any stickers.
• Remove and save literature.
• Wash removable parts as instructed in CARE AND CLEANING section of this


• Wipe grill plates with a damp cloth or sponge to remove any dust. Wipe dry

with a soft cloth or paper towels.

• Select location where unit is to be used, leaving enough space between back

of unit and wall to allow heat to flow without damage to cabinets and walls.

Place drip tray under front sloped section of lower grill plate.

1. To attach or remove grill plates, grasp plate release

handles and pull out (B).

2. While keeping handles pulled out, plates may be

lifted off or set on the grill body.

Note: When attaching plates, carefully and securely

attach each plate onto appliance using the release

handles, only when plates are cool.

Important: Make sure that BOTh release handles are properly latched and

secured on the grill body before use.
Caution: Do not remove grill plates while appliance is hot. Always allow them

to cool to room temperature before removing or cleaning.
1. Close cover on grill.
2. Unwind cord and plug into standard electrical outlet.
3. Preheat indicator light comes on to indicate elements are heating.
4. Allow the grill to preheat for at least 5 minutes before grilling. After 5 minutes,

preheat indicator light will go out. If desired, use a kitchen timer.

1. Using a pot holder, carefully open lid of preheated grill.
2. Before first use, if desired, lightly oil grill plates.
Note: Aerosol cooking spray should not be used on nonstick surface. Chemicals

that allow spray to come out of can build up on surface of grill plates and reduce

their efficiency.
3. Carefully place foods to be cooked on lower grilling plate. Close lid.
Note: Do not overload grill.