Metrologic Instruments SP5700 User Manual

Sp5700 optimus pda, Mobile computer, Features

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SP5700 OptimusPDA

Honeywell’s SP5700 OptimusPDA™ mobile computer incorporates a
Microsoft Windows-based platform, advanced wireless technologies and
aggressive bar code scanning into an ergonomic and durable device.

The OptimusPDA provides professionals with a versatile solution for
increasing productivity and responsiveness in mobile applications
associated with retail and supply chain, field service, health care, parcel
delivery, and transportation.

Lighter than most mobile computers, but just as powerful, OptimusPDA
can be equipped with a variety of options, including a choice of bar
code scanners, a two-mega-pixel camera and data-transfer options
(USB & RS232).

By supporting standard wireless infrastructures (Bluetooth and WiFi
802.11 b/g), OptimusPDA dramatically boosts efficiency by giving
mobile workers access to faster download speeds and higher bandwidth
for communicating important information.

Confidential information stays confidential thanks to WiFi-protected
access security measures engineered directly into the mobile
computer’s firmware.

A backlit 3½-inch touch screen, easy navigation and software
development tools make customizing applications for even the toughest
data-capture challenges a snap.

This IP54-rated mobile computer resists exposure to water, dust, driving
rain and extreme temperatures. The OptimusPDA is also tough enough
to bounce back from repeated 1.5-meter falls onto concrete.

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Mobile Computer

Microsoft Windows platform with a Marvell

PXA270 Processor: Provides a powerful, familiar and

easy-to-use platform
Durable IP54-Rated Design:

Withstands exposure to

water, dust, driving rain and extreme temperatures;

endures multiple drops onto concrete
Multiple Communication Options (Bluetooth, WiFi

802.11 b/g): Increases data-transfer efficiency with

access to faster download speeds and higher bandwidth

Lightweight Ergonomic Design:

Supports easy

operation with pocket-sized shape and large

backlit keypad
Flexible Kit Structure:

Reduces total cost of ownership

by customizing options to specific requirements
Device Managment:

Delivers advanced remote

managment and configuration options through Wavelink