Magma PE6R4-I User Manual

Quick installation guide, Magma pe6r4-i, X4 x8

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Quick Installation Guide


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Package Contents

Important safety, ESD, and other information on how to use MGMA PE6R4-I are provided in the User Guide.
This manual is available online for a download at

Electrostatic Discharge Warning (ESD)
Perform installation and service of circuit cards with semiconductor devices at an ESD work station and follow
proper ESD procedure to reduce the risk of damage to components


1) Magma PE6R4-I chassis


1) PCIe Cable x8 to x4


1) Magma PCIe Host Card


1) Power Cord



Install PCI Express Host card and connect cables

Install the Magma PCI Express Host Card into an available PCI Express slot in your computer.


Open Enclosure

Remove the 6 screws that retain the top cover of the expansion chassis.

Slide the cover
backwards and upwards.


Install PCI or PCI-X cards

Remove PCI filler brackets for the expansion slot you wish to use in the chassis.
Install peripheral PCI or PCI-X card into slot connector and secure with
retaining screw.

Repeat the process for all other PCI or PCI-X peripherals you wish to
install in the chassis.

Secure it with retaining screw.

Connect the x8 side of the iPass cable to the host card.

Power on PE6R4-I

Turn the power on using
the power switch on the
front of the chassis. Verify
that the green LED above
the power switch is on.




Connect the x4 side of the
iPass cable to the back of the
PE6R4-I chassis along with
the chassis power cord.



x8 Connector


x4 Connector