Sony breathes life into the flat panel display – Matrox Electronic Systems PFM-42B2/42B2E User Manual

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Sony breathes life into the
Flat Panel Display.

Sony unveils a striking lineup of 16:9 Professional Flat Panel Displays.

State-of-the-art technology enables these new models to deliver

outstanding picture quality from slim, lightweight, flat panels.

The PFM Series includes three models* : the 32-inch PFM-32C1,

with a resolution of 852 X 1024 pixels, the 42-inch PFM-42B2,

with a resolution of 1024 X 1024 pixels, and the 50-inch PFM-50C1,

with a resolution of 1365 x 768 pixels.

All three models include a range of versatile features for unsurpassed

usability, and combine their superb performance with stylish design.

The 32-inch and 50-inch include a stereo digital amplifier to power

optional external loudspeakers.

These new Flat Panel Displays are ideal for use in A/V presentations,

as information displays in malls and airports,

as background video monitors in restaurants,

and for many other space-limited applications where high-brightness,

high-quality images are essential.

* In this brochure, references to the PFM-32C1, PFM-42B2 and PFM-50C1 also refer to models

with an ‘E’ suffix.

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