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The all-rounder

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Metz mecablitz 54 MZ-4i digital:

The all-rounder

The perfect flash with analogue and digital cameras from

completely different manufacturers – that’s the strength of the

Metz mecablitz 54 MZ-4i digital. By integrating high-precision
flash modes, optimally illuminated pictures with brilliant and well-
defined colours are achieved. Simply by changing the adapter,
interesting flash modes are available depending on the camera

type, including Canon E-TTL and E-TTL II, Nikon i-TTL and ADI
flash control from Konica/Minolta/Sony. Naturally, the SCA
system supports various other connection options to nearly every
system camera including the models that meet the “four thirds”

Especially worth mentioning is the secondary reflector of the 54
MZ-4 i digital, as is its easy-handling with a large display, two
function keys and a thumb wheel.

Metz-Werke GmbH & Co KG
Corporate Communications
Ohmstrasse 55
90513 Zirndorf
Further information

Company: Matthias Moschner
Products: Kristina Söder
Tel.: +49 (0) 911 / 97 06-239
Fax: +49 (0) 911 / 97 06-233

made in Germany

d i g i t a l

Metz mecablitz 54 MZ-4 i digital: high
light output – guide number 54 at ISO
100/21° and 105 mm focal length.
Large illumination angle – illumination of
a focal length range of 20-105 mm (with
integrated WA diffuser).

The set includes a SCA adapter, currently
for Canon, Konica/Minolta/Sony Alpha,
Nikon, Olympus and soon also available
for Pentax cameras.