Marshall Amplification MG10KK User Manual

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From Jim Marshall

I would like to thank you personally for selecting the

new 10 Watt MG10KK Kerry King combo.

During the development of the JCM800 2203KK,

Kerry's signature Marshall Head, he often mentioned
his use of the MG10CD, one always on tour with him
and one always kept at home. With this in mind I
decided that we would extend our thanks and
produce an MG10KK, a special edition MG10CD
echoing the design of the 2203KK.

The MG Series raises the standard for what can

be expected from a value-for-money range of guitar
amplifiers, some might dismiss the MG10KK as
only being 10 Watts, but not me, its 10 Watts of
tone that delivers the Marshall sound and as we've
seen strong enough to take the knocks of a world
tour or two.

Kerry worked with my graphics team and hand

picked the final design. The classic gold Marshall
panel has been stained red while its black knobs and
tribal tattoo design are in stark contrast to its bold
white text. The result is an amp that in Kerry's words
truly has been 'reigned in blood'

Both Kerry and I believe that effort and dedication fuel

our lives and to help guide you on your own way alongside
this combo and handbook you'll find an exclusive DVD
featuring a lesson from Kerry himself. The MG10KK is a
versatile amp, perfect for someone just taking their first steps as
a guitarist, as an ideal companion for warming up at gigs or for just
being there for when inspiration hits, this combo is ready and waiting.

Whichever path you're on I would like to wish you every success with your new

amplifier and welcome you to the ever increasing Marshall family.

Yours sincerely

Photo: Dr Jim Marshall OBE and daughter Victoria (Managing Director)





Dr. Jim Marshall OBE