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MOTONAV TN20 and TN30 software update

Download & installations instructions for Windows



The following instructions will walk you through the steps needed to download and install your
software update on the Motorola MOTONAV TN20 or TN30 GPS navigation device. There are
two basic steps for upgrading the software: (i) Download the software update to an SD memory
card; and (ii) upgrade the GPS navigation device. This procedure should only be used for



If you have any questions regarding the upgrade procedure, or encounter any issues during the
upgrade process, or if you are using an Apple


Macintosh computer, please contact Motorola

Consumer Care at 1.866.289.6686.

1 Before starting the download and upgrade procedure, please ensure

the following pre-upgrade requirements are satisfied:


The MOTONAV GPS navigation device is fully charged.


You have a Personal or Laptop Computer running Windows


2000, Windows


XP, or



Vista, and at least 50MB of free disk space to download the MOTONAV

software upgrade package.


The WinZip utility is loaded on your Personal or Laptop Computer.

Note: A copy of WinZip can be downloaded from the Internet at


You have an empty, formatted standard SD memory card with 50 MB capacity or greater.

Note: If you have a micro SD memory card, a micro SD adapter is required.

In this case, you must first insert the micro SD memory card into the
adapter, as shown below.


You have a standard SD memory card slot in your Personal or Laptop Computer, or a
USB SD card reader (shown below), or a Motorola Enhanced Mini USB data cable
(shown below). The data cable can be used to connect the MOTONAV GPS Navigation
Device to your Personal or Laptop Computer.

Micro SD

Memory Card

Micro SD Card Adapter

Enhanced Mini USB Data Cable

USB SD Card Reader