Meopta twin lens reflex cameras FLEXARET AUTOMAT VI User Manual

Flexaret automat vi

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The Flexaret twin lens reflex cameras are a product of the Czechoslovakian company
Meopta (manufacturers of enlarging equipment). The Flexaret Automat VI was in
production from 1961-1967. This camera is a multiformat camera, 6x6 and 35 mm.

The picture shows the 35 mm insert,
35mm film cartridge adapters and
take up spool required to
accommodate 35mm film. The
insert goes into the film chamber.

The 35mm film goes under the shiny
small rollers and over the small
brown rollers on the frame spacing
control roller. This is how the
camera knows that the spacing needs
to be for 35mm film vs. 120 film. If
the camera shutter is cocked without film in the camera, the film counter reset lever needs
to be held down while rotating the frame spacing control roller until a number 1 – 12
shows in the frame counter window, then the shutter button can be pressed. When the
end of the 35mm cartridge is reached, the center button of the film wind knob is
depressed (and held) while the film spool knob on the lower left of the camera is turned
clockwise to rewind the film back into the 35mm cartridge.