Mercury Marine 90-830296005 User Manual

Propeller installation instructions, Propeller installation, Warning

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90-830296005 FEBRUARY 2010

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IMPORTANT: This document guides our dealers, boatbuilders, and company service personnel in the proper installation or

service of our products. If you have not been trained in the recommended servicing or installation procedures for these or similar

Mercury Marine products, have the work performed by an authorized Mercury Marine dealer technician. Improper installation or

servicing of the Mercury product could result in damage to the product or personal injury to those installing or operating the

NOTE: After completing installation, place these instructions with the product for the owner's future use.

Propeller Installation

Some propeller installations may require the use of special OEM mounting hardware not included with this propeller. Use only

hardware specified by the engine OEM. Special trim tab or anodic plate may need to be purchased separately for propeller

clearance. Use the original propeller hardware or order replacements for worn or damaged parts.



Performing service or maintenance without first disconnecting the battery can cause product damage, personal injury, or death

due to fire, explosion, electrical shock, or unexpected engine starting. Always disconnect the battery cables from the battery

before maintaining, servicing, installing, or removing engine or drive components.



Rotating the propeller shaft may cause the engine to crank over and start. To prevent this type of accidental engine starting

and possible serious injury caused from being struck by a rotating propeller, always turn the ignition key or lanyard stop switch

to the "OFF" position and remove the spark plug leads from the spark plugs while servicing.

1. Disconnect all of the battery leads from the battery.
2. Remove the spark plug leads and ground them to the engine block.
3. Lubricate the propeller shaft splines with one of the following lubricants.


Tube Ref No.


Where Used

Part No.


Special Lubricant 101

Propeller shaft splines



Anti-Corrosion Grease

Propeller shaft splines

92-802867Q 1


2-4-C with Teflon

Propeller shaft splines

92-802859A 1

Flo‑Torq I Propeller Installation

1. Install the thrust washer onto the propeller shaft.
2. Install the propeller.