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Metrologic Instruments, Inc.


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Metrologic provides some of the most
high-performance, cost-effective
solutions for scanning bar codes on
tires and rubber products. Our products
range from the laser-scanning HoloTrak
to the imaging, fixed-focus iQ



camera, which can replace as many as
ten separate laser scanners with a
single device. The dramatic hardware
simplification possible results in lower
cost, increased reliability, and simpler
installation, configuration and setup.

Applications using a one-dimensional
(1D) bar code may find the HoloTrak
scanners to be the most cost-effective
solution for product transported by
conveyor or chain hooks. With their
holographically-derived, extended
depth-of-focus, they handle tire sway
with ease. A single HoloTrak 8500 or
2-3 HoloTrak 8550’s will scan bar codes
on automotive tires of any size at
typical speeds, and handle bar code
aspect ratios of up to 4:1.

The iQ185 is our solution for 2D bar
codes such as DataMatrix as well as
small, poorly printed or damaged 1D
bar codes. It offers a single-camera
solution that handles conveyance
speeds up to 600 feet/minute. It also
has built-in Ethernet network
connectivity, and uses best-in-class
bar code decoding software supplied
by our Omniplanar division.

Finally, Metrologic stands by its
customers with unmatched service
and support. Founded in 1968, we’ve
had consistent year-over-year sales
growth in 34 out of 38 years. We’ve
been listed on the NASDAQ since
1994. Many of our customers have
complimented us on our responsiveness
- accelerating deliveries or being able
to directly access our Applications and
Field Support engineers - should the
need arise.

If you are looking to scan tires or other
rubber products for production or
inventory tracking, shipping or receiving,
give us a call.

Metrologic…We Really Work for You.