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All of us at Mercury Marine want to thank you for choosing a

Mercury Marine Inflatable boat. You have made a sound

investment in boating pleasure. We firmly believe it will bring

you many years of boating fun and excitement.
This Owners Manual contains all the safety and operating

information you need to get the most out of your Inflatable

boat. It also contains information on how to provide care and

maintenance to help protect your investment. Store this

manual for future reference.
The operator, passengers and craft are governed by local,

national, and when applicable, international rules and

regulations of the waterways. If you are not familiar with these

rules and regulations, your local Department of Natural

Resources can assist you. Safety courses are available from

national and local organizations and are highly recommended

for anyone who is not familiar with the rules and regulations

on operating a boat.
Please read and understand this manual carefully before

operating your inflatable boat.

Warranty Message

The product you have purchased comes with a limited

from Mercury Marine. The terms of the warranty are

set forth in the Warranty Information Section of this manual.

The warranty statement contains a description of what is

covered, what is not covered, the duration of coverage, how

to best obtain warranty coverage, important disclaimers and
limitations of damages,

and other related information.

Please review this important information.
The description and specifications contained herein were in

effect at the time this manual was approved for printing.

Mercury Marine, whose policy is one of continued

improvement, reserves the right to discontinue models at any

time, to change specifications, designs, methods, or

procedures without notice and without incurring obligation.

© 2006 Mercury Marine

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