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First Time Set Up - automatically sets the TV for
local channels, the correct picture signal (antenna or
cable), and assists in the setting of TV’s Guide Plus+

Infrared Remote Control - operates your TV set and
a variety of wireless remote control VCRs, Cable TV
Converters, and other accessory equipment.

Standard TV broadcast (VHF/UHF) or Cable TV
channel capability as well as advanced
connectivity for high definition video and VGA.

Closed Captioning - allows the viewer to read TV
program dialogue or voice conversations as on-screen

Automatic Programming of channels - for quick and
easy selection of favorite stations available in your

Picture-In-Picture (PIP) - can show a TV program
and the direct video output from an accessory (VCR,
etc.) onto the TV screen at the same time.

Parental Control for “Censoring” - this feature can
block out channels to keep children from watching
undesirable programming. Parental Guideline and
Movie Rating settings can also be used as part of the
new Content Advisory Data system available with TV

Stereo TV - with a built-in audio amplifier and a twin
speaker system, reception of TV programs in both
broadcast stereo sound or (SAP) bilingual broadcast
are available.

Twin Antenna (A/B) Inputs - for easy displaying of
two separate signal sources on the TV. An A/B button
on the remote control switches the TV’s Main screen
between the two Antenna (A & B) Input options.

Audio/Video Jacks - for direct connections with
VCRs (and other accessories) for quality TV picture
and sound playback.Component Video Input
connectors are also available for high fidelity color
and picture resolution when using digital video source
material, such as DVD.

Surround Sound - this TV set contains external;
audio speaker connections for a more dynamic sound
effect capable within the today’s Home Cinema

Sleep-Timer - automatically turns the TV OFF at
preset time intervals.

Smart/Auto Button - for the control of TV Sound and
Picture levels. Use the Smart/Auto Button on the
remote to quickly select various audio modes matched
to specific types of TV programming; to select video
level adjustments for a variety of program sources;
and to make quick one button channel selection of up
to 10 of your favorite channels.



As you unpack your TV please note that the
following items have been included with your set:

Owner's Manual

Safety Tip Information


Factory Service Center Locations

Warranty Registration Card

Remote Control Transmitter

Batteries for Remote Control Use

Refer to the back of this manual for instructions
on the cleaning and care of the TV.


End-of-Life disposal

Your new projection television and its packaging
contain materials that can be recycled and reused.
Specialized companies can recycle your product
to increase the amount of reusable materials and
minimize the amounts which need to be properly

Your product also uses batteries which should not
be thrown away when depleted, but should be
handed in and disposed of as small chemical

Please find out about the local regulations on how
to dispose of your old television, batteries, and
packaging materials whenever you replace
existing equipment.













High Definition Digital - Projection Television
capable of 1500x1080i interlaced imaging for superior
resolution and performance. Line doubling circuitry
and video processing technology able to output
progressive scan material with clean, stable
widescreen images. Triple lens system matched to
first surface mirror and fine pitched lenticular screen
methods which amounts to an incredible 1,620,000
pixels of display capability. High Definition
Component and RGB Inputs are available as well for
Y, Pb, Pr; horizontal/vertical sync, and RGB/VGA
monitor input operation modes.

Automatic Phosphor Aging Compensation (APAC)
Automatic incremental shifting of TV screen
elements to prevent any onscreen image outline
retention or “screen burn” problems.



- Electronic TV Program guide which

provides for daily television channel listings,
descriptions of program content, sorting of shows by
subject themes, and a variety of other VCR
programming options. (See your separate GUIDE


Owner’s Manual for further details.)

Because of continuous product improvements, the
information mentioned in the documents
accompanying your product are subject to change
without notice.

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