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What is AVT?

Advanced Valvestate Technology, or AVT for short, is a major step forward in hybrid amplifier

design which is exclusive to our new Valvestate 2000 (VS2000) Series of amplifiers. It has evolved
from the original, critically acclaimed Marshall Valvestate technology, but is improved so that it
emulates even more closely the feel and response of the classic Marshall all-valve power
stage...without using valves.

It is not only the power stage that has been significantly improved in the VS2000 Series. Much

careful attention to detail and many hours of development have also gone into the preamp section
too. As a result, each AVT channel offers the widest possible range of control and shape to your
sound, with an ECC83 (a.k.a.12AX7) preamp valve adding to the all-important tone and feel of
these latest Marshall creations.

Valve Drive Pre-amp

As just stated, each amp in the VS2000 range boasts a preamp stage equipped with an

ECC83 Dual Triode valve. Drawing on our vast experience in this field, we have gone to great
lengths to ensure that this precious device delivers maximum sonic benefit at all settings and
volume levels. As a result, the clean sounds ring with the ‘bell-like’ harmonics that only a valve
preamp can deliver and, when pushed, the break-up is never harsh or unnatural sounding.
Whenever an AVT Overdrive channel is selected the ECC83’s dual triode is saturated to its limit,
providing the dynamics and feel worthy of a place in the Marshall hall of fame.

Power Amp Delivery

The same sort of toneful care and attention was also focused on the all-important power

stages of the AVT series. Our goal was to ensure that each one would create the warm, musical
feel and 3-dimensional sounds that have made our all-valve power amps world renowned. In
addition, these VS2000 products were designed to deliver the goods in the often hostile and
unpredictable environment of the live performance stage - which is why all the AVT power amps,
from the AVT50 upwards, are fan cooled for optimum reliability.

'Extended Bass Response' Loudspeakers

Knowing how important the relationship between the amplifier and speaker is, this is another

area where we spent a great deal of time and effort when developing the VS2000 Series. By
working extremely closely with our long-term colleagues at Celestion Loudspeakers, we have
successfully developed a range of speakers which, through radical design, re-define the state-of-the
art in rock guitar reproduction. In a nutshell, they allow the compact closed back cabinets used in
the AVT range to maintain the bottom end delivery normally only associated with a full 4 x12
cabinet set-up.



DFX On board

At Marshall our aim is to create products that offer our fellow guitarists true inspiration in the

practice and performance of their art. When integrating DFX (Digital Effects) into the tonal topology
of AVT, the greatest care was taken to ensure that the highest level of signal integrity was
maintained. Through careful shaping and mixing of the ‘wet’ (processed) and ‘dry’ (unprocessed)
signals, we have ensured that the on board effects enhance your tone while adding none of the
nasty, artificial ‘grain’ often associated with DFX.

We are so proud and enthused by the end results of our labour that we feel fully justified in

hailing Advanced Valvestate Technology as a major breakthrough in hybrid guitar amplifier design.
We are convinced that you will derive as much pleasure from playing them as we did while
designing them. Enjoy!

AVT100 Front Panel Features

Introduction (cont.)

I. The Pre-amp Section

Your AVT100 combo amp boasts three

independent channels: Clean, Overdrive 1 and
Overdrive 2. The preamp section is where the
gain, tone and relative volume of these three
channels is determined.


Input Jack Socket

This is where you plug your guitar into the

amp. You must always use a screened
(shielded) guitar cable and never use an
unscreened (unshielded) speaker cable. Also,
this cable should be one of good quality. If you
are in any doubt regarding this, your Marshall
dealer will be more than happy to help and
advise you.


Clean Channel Selector Switch

This allows selection of the Clean channel

via the front panel.


Clean Channel Gain Control

This rotary control regulates the drive into

the two cascaded valve stages of the preamp.
Lower settings will give you a wide range of
well defined, warm clean tones.

At higher Gain settings you will pass

through natural, valve-induced compression
and into an increased level of desirable ‘break-
up’ (a.k.a. ‘crunch’) which is perfect for subtly
overdriven blues/rock.


Bright Switch

Most of the Gain controls in classic

Marshall amps have been fitted with what is
known as a ‘treble bleed capacitor’. This
device allows extra high frequencies to be
‘bled’ through to the drive section when the
Gain control is at low settings. Engaging the
Bright Switch will ‘bleed’ extra high frequencies
into the drive stage of the Clean channel,
giving you a bright, clean tone perfect for many
styles, including funk and country.

The higher the Gain control is set, the less

effect the ‘treble bleed capacitor’ has. As a
result, at maximum Gain settings, the bright
switch will have no audible effect at all.