Metrologic Instruments FocusBT MS9535 User Manual

Bluetooth access point, Wireless communication device, Features

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Bluetooth Access Point

Honeywell’s Bluetooth® access points provide customers with a flexible
and convenient solution for wireless communication in a variety of
environments, including retail, healthcare and manufacturing.

The access points separate charging from communication, allowing the
devices to be positioned for the optimization of radio range. Choose from
Class I (100 meters) or Class II (10 meters) Bluetooth communication
to meet the specific needs of the application.

Achieve wireless connectivity with any Honeywell Bluetooth scanner,
as well as any non-Honeywell device that supports the Bluetooth Serial
Port Profile (SPP).

A multi-interface design enables the access points to be connected to
the industry’s most popular host systems, through a variety of interfaces
including keyboard wedge, RS232, USB and IBM 46XX (RS485).

Access points connected to the MS1633 FocusBT® or the MS9535
VoyagerBT® can be flash upgraded through RS232 or USB interfaces.
Connected FocusBT and VoyagerBT scanners can also be flashed or
configured through the access point.

Engineered for use in challenging environments, Honeywell’s access points
utilize a single board construction that minimizes failure. An IP54-rated
design also protects the devices from exposure to dust and splashing

Hard mounting is quick and easy using the built-in screw holes. The
Bluetooth access points can also be mounted using the Velcro strips
that are included in the kit.

For more information on the AP-010-BT and AP-100-BT Bluetooth
access points, please visit

Wireless Communication Device

Multiple On-Board Interfaces: Reduces overall system


Scanner Paging: Identifies connected scanner with the

press of a single button

Manual Disconnect: Disconnects device by simply

pressing and holding the button

Auto-Reconnect: Requires no user interaction to

re-establish Bluetooth connection, when a connected

scanner exits then re-enters range

Connection Indicator: Visually displays when the

access point is actively connected to a Bluetooth device

Environmentally Protected: IP54-rated design

withstands exposure to dust and splashing water, as

well as drops from 1.5 meters