Mamiya RZ67 User Manual

Mamiya interface plate

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P/N 6B5813


August 24, 2001

MAMIYA Interface Plate

To use the KODAK PROFESSIONAL DCS Pro Back or DCS Pro Back Plus (Pro Back/Pro Back Plus)
with the MAMIYA RZ67 PRO II camera body (MAMIYA camera body), you must first attach the
MAMIYA Interface Plate to the camera body.

1. Insert the four studs on the MAMIYA camera body into the four holes on the MAMIYA Interface


2. Slide the Lock handle downward to secure the plate to the camera body.

3. Turn the lever on the Cable Release plug to O. (Refer to the picture on page 3.) Insert the plug into the

auxiliary release jack on the front of the RZ67, then turn the lever to L to lock the plug. (When
removing the cable, turn the lever from L to O and pull the plug out.)

Lock handle


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