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The door assemblies have been packaged sepa-
rately, protected in their own special carton.
Carefully remove the protective carton wrap
and inspect the door assemblies for any signs
of damage. The glass pane is made from
ceramic glass and can be broken relatively
easy from a hard impact. Handle these door
assemblies with care.

Step 1. Behind each screen assembly, on both
sides of the firebox, there are five (5) screws
that are oriented in a vertical fashion. Two (2)
of these screws (2 per side) must be loosened
and must remain in place. Remove the three
(3) remaining screws (3 per side) from the
fireplace and set aside (

Figure 4 ).

Step 3. Replace the other three (3) screws,
previously removed, back through the slots in
the hinge and into the fireplace side. Tighten all
five screws only until resistance is felt.

Step 4. Repeat Steps 1 through 3 for the opposite
door assembly.

Step 5. Close both doors to determine where and
how adjustments are to be made. Proceed to the
following section on door adjustment proce-
dures. After adjustments have been made, tighten
all screws.


The glass doors on your FirePlus


fireplace will

have to be adjusted after they are attached. The
doors may also become misaligned due to long
periods of burning, excessive overheating, and
opening and closing the doors. The following
procedure explains how to adjust and remove the
door assemblies.

Horizontal and Vertical Adjustments

By loosening the acorn nuts (B) that attach the
door to the hinge, the entire door assembly can
be adjusted in both a horizontal and vertical
orientation. Care must be taken when all five (5)
acorn nuts are loosened as there will be nothing
to support the door assembly from dropping.

Adjustments can be made in both horizontal and
vertical planes by tilting the door assembly in or
out at the top or bottom. It is also possible to
rotate the door assembly in both a clockwise and
counter clockwise motion.

In or Out Adjustment

By loosening the (A) Phillips head screws, it is
possible to move the door assembly towards or
away from the fireplace. It is also possible to tilt
the door assembly in or out at the top or bottom.

Note: The door adjustment procedure will be
difficult to control if either the (A) or (B) fasteners
are loosened too much.

Door Removal

Should it become necessary to remove the door
assemblies from the fireplace, always remove
the five (5) Phillips head screws that attach the
door hinge to the fireplace, identified as (A) in
Figure 6.

Figure 6

Care and Cleaning of Your Glass Doors

Never clean the glass when the doors are hot.
Do not use ammonia or ammonia based glass
or household cleaner to clean the glass or the
door frame. An ammonia based cleaner will
damage the finish of the glass door.

Clean the glass doors by wiping with a damp
towel followed by a clean dry towel to remove

Remove stubborn stains from the glass with a
mild soap solution and a towel dampened with
clean water. Dry with a clean dry towel.

• The fire must always be confined within the
boundaries of the fuel grate.

• The fireplace screens must always be closed
whenever the fireplace is being used.

• Never slam the glass door since it could cause
the glass to break.

• Do not build excessively large or hot fires —
scorching or discoloring of the plated brass
trim may occur.

• Extreme temperature changes can cause glass
breakage — do not build a hot fire and close the
glass doors if the doors are cold.

• If the tempered glass pane becomes scratched
or chipped, it creates a weakness in the glass
which can cause the glass to break when heated.
Replace the pane of glass by contacting your
nearest dealer.

Door Hinge

Remove Screws

1, 3 and 5

Loosen Screws

2 and 4


1, 3 and 5

2 and 4

Door Hinge







Figure 4

Step 2. Starting with either the right of left side
door assembly, slide the door hinge (attached
to the door) behind the two (2) screws that
remain in the fireplace side, that align with the
open slots in the hinge. Hang the door assem-
bly over these two (2) screws so that the door
hinge is set towards the rear of the fireplace as
far as it will go (

Figure 5 ).

Figure 5

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