Range care, Warning, Oven vent – Maytag W10321012A User Manual

Page 8: Baking and roasting, Broiling, Self-cleaning cycle

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Multiple Rack Cooking

2-rack: Use rack positions 2 and 4.

Baking Layer Cakes on 2 Racks

For best results when baking cakes on 2 racks, use racks 2 and 4
for baking. Place the cakes on the racks as shown.

Oven Vent

The oven vent releases hot air and moisture from the oven, and
should not be blocked or covered. Blocking or covering the vent
will cause poor air circulation, affecting cooking and cleaning
results. Do not set plastics, paper or other items that could melt
or burn near the oven vent.

Baking and Roasting

PRECISE BAKE Temperature Management System

(on some models)

The PRECISE BAKE system electronically regulates the oven
heat levels during preheat and bake to maintain a precise
temperature range for optimal cooking results. The bake and broil
elements cycle on and off in intervals. The bake element will glow
red when cycling on; the broil element will not. This feature is
automatically activated when the oven is in use.

Before baking and roasting, position racks according to
“Positioning Racks and Bakeware” section. When roasting, it is
not necessary to wait for the oven preheat cycle to end before
putting food in unless it is recommended in the recipe.


When START is pressed, the oven will begin preheating. Once
100ºF (38ºC) is reached, the display temperature will increase as
the actual temperature of the oven increases. When the preheat
temperature is reached, a tone will sound, and the selected
temperature will appear on the display.


Broiling uses direct radiant heat to cook food. Changing the
temperature when Custom Broiling allows more precise control
when cooking. The lower the temperature, the slower the
cooking. Thicker cuts and unevenly shaped pieces of meat, fish
and poultry may cook better at lower broiling temperatures.

For best results, use a broiler pan and grid. It is designed to
drain juices and help avoid spatter and smoke.

If you would like to purchase a broiler pan, one may be
ordered. Please refer to the cover for contact information. Ask
for Part Number 4396923.

It is not necessary to preheat the oven before putting food in
unless recommended in the recipe. Position food on grid in a
broiler pan, then place it in the center of the oven rack. Close the
door to the broil stop position to ensure proper broiling


Self-Cleaning Cycle

(on some models)

IMPORTANT: The health of some birds is extremely sensitive to
the fumes given off during the Self-Cleaning cycle. Exposure to
the fumes may result in death to certain birds. Always move birds
to another closed and well-ventilated room.

Do not block the oven vent(s) during the Self-Cleaning cycle. Air
must be able to move freely. Depending on your model, see
“Oven Vent” section.

Do not clean, rub, damage or move the oven door gasket.

Prepare Range

Remove the broiler pan, grid, cookware and bakeware, all
cooking utensils, oven racks and aluminum foil and, on some
models, the temperature probe from the oven.

Use a damp cloth to clean inside door edge and the
1½" (3.8 cm) area around the inside oven cavity frame, being
certain not to move or bend the gasket.

Remove plastic items from the cooktop because they may

Remove all items from the storage drawer.

A. Oven vent (ceramic glass model)



Burn Hazard

Do not touch the oven during the Self-Cleaning cycle.

Keep children away from oven during
Self-Cleaning cycle.

Failure to follow these instructions can result in burns.