Interact-TV UM-14001-20627 User Manual

Blimp bomber radio-controlled airship

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Blimp Bomber radio-controlled airship

Congratulations on the purchase of your Air-Tech airship. Your new
aircraft is designed to be easy to fly and to survive the learning curve
associated with new R/C pilots. But, as with any sophisticated
device, you must learn how to operate it and care for it. Please read
this manual thoroughly

Be sure to assemble and fly your airship only

under adult supervision.

Do not fly near people, pets or appliances.

Use common sense when operating your airship!

Keep clear of the propeller blades.

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• Radio-Controlled.
• Quiet, Safe Electric Flight.
• Includes Vinyl Target.
• Requires:

One 9V Alkaline Battery for Transmitter
One CR123A Lithium Battery for Gondola
Helium (available at most party
supply stores and florists)

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