Intelligent Motion Systems intell-print om-192-s User Manual

Page 9

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Interface connector DC Jack

5. Control Panel

The control panel features four buttons and one LED to indicate printer status.

ON BUTTON: Press the ON button to power up the printer. A red LED inside
the button will light up. The printer goes ON LINE ready to receive data from the

OFF BUTTON: Press the OFF button once to turn the power OFF.

FEED BUTTON: When the FEED button is pressed and then released within
0.5 sec., the paper feeds only one line. When the FEED button is held
depressed for more than 0.5 sec., the paper feeds continuously.

SEL BUTTON: The SEL button is used to change the printer setting. (Please
refer to the SET UP section for details)

STATUS LED: The LED is located inside the ON button and lights up when
power to the printer is on. The LED flashes every second when the printer head
jams and every 0.2 second in the case of mechanism malfunction.