IFoundry Systems USB Serial-IR Adapter IFSYS-8004 User Manual

Ifsys-8004 usb serial-ir adapter product brief

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Doc. P/N: MDMA01449

Rev. 1.25

© 2008 iFoundry Systems

10 July 2008

Specifications subject to change

IFSYS-8004 USB Serial-IR Adapter

Product Brief

The IFSYS-8004 USB Serial-IR Adapter is intended for applications which

need to transfer raw serial data wirelessly over a serial infrared link. It is

ideal for OEMs, and equipment designers who do not wish to make

significant changes to their legacy serial software, but who now require a

wireless means of transferring data. IFSYS-8004 comes with a USB driver

that appears as a virtual serial port in the host system, allowing existing

legacy serial applications to work with little or no modification. IFSYS-8004

hardware simply encodes the serial data stream into IrDA


physical layer

infrared pulses for transmission and demodulates incoming infrared pulses

into serial UART data. Data between host and adapter is transferred over

the USB link. The IFSYS-8004 USB Serial-IR Adapter allows equipment

designers to work with raw serial data without having to worry about the

intricacies of a higher level protocol.

Key features

… Converts “raw” serial data to infrared.

… Hardware is IrDA


V1.1 physical layer compliant, with a transmit

range of 1m.

… USB low power device. Driver appears as a Microsoft Windows™

virtual COM port.

… Ideal for industrial and medical equipment and instrumentation


IFSYS-8004 Block Architecture