Intelligent Motion Systems IB462He User Manual


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Very Low Cost

• Ultra Miniature

(1.2 x 2.4 x 0.28 inches)

(30 x 61 x 7.1 mm)

• Advanced Hybrid Design
• Full or Half Step
• Input Voltage

(+12 to +48 VDC)

• Output Current

(0.1A to 2A Per Phase)

• 20 kHz Chopping Rate
• Alternative to Chipsets


Based upon our popular IB462

Half/Full Step Driver, the IB462He

is a low cost, high performance

al ter na tive to larger drives. The

small size of the patented IB462He

makes it ideal for systems where

space is at a premium without sac-

rifi cing performance.

The IB462He operates between

+12 and +48 VDC. This high voltage

allows for greater speeds at higher

torque. Combine this with 2A per

phase of output current and 160

watts of power and you have a low

cost al ter na tive to chipsets, all con-

tained in a package that minimizes

expensive real estate!

The IB462He is our smallest and

lowest priced drive. It will reduce

time to market, increase reliability,

and it comes with a 2 year war-

ranty. The IB462He rep re sents af-

fordable, state-of-the-art technology

for the com pet i tive edge needed in

today’s market.


The INT-462 is an optional plug-

on in ter face board which can be

used with the IB462He to facilitate

test ing, or in situations where

panel mount ing the IB462He is

pre ferred. The INT-462 is much

more than a sim ple pluggable in-

ter face. It adds a dy nam ic array

of fea tures to the IB462He, typi-

cally found only on larg er and more

expensive drives. Features such as

a +5 VDC switch ing power sup ply,

+5 to +48 VDC opto-iso lat ed inputs

which are in ter nal ly limited to 8mA,

au to mat ic cur rent reduction, over

current and short circuit pro tec tion,

input capacitor, and fault and pow er

LEDs. Wir ing is done through a 15

pin re mov able screw ter mi nal.

The OSC-462H analog speed con-

trol board is an op tion for adding low

cost, intelligent velocity control to

the IB462He driver. The OSC-462H

is powered by a single +12 to +48

VDC power supply, which will also

provide power for the IB462He. The

control board fea tures a digital os-

cillator for accurate velocity con trol

with an output frequency of up to

60 kilohertz. The IB462He driver

plugs easily into a 21 pin re cep ta cle

attached to the OSC-462H. This

device allows for a simple, cost

ef fec tive solution in applications

requiring variable velocity control.

(Product details on page 8.)

Also available is the H-462H heat

sink, which only adds 2.21 cubic

inches (36.1 cubic cm) to the over-

all foot print of the IB462He.

OSC-462H Speed Control Board