Initio INIC-1530 User Manual

Inic-1530, Features, Firmware support

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The Initio INIC-1530 is a fourth generation UDMA 100 ATA-to-USB 2.0-1394a bridge
controller that provides a solution to connect ATAPI or ATA devices to USB 2.0 and
IEEE-1394a-2000 interfaces. It is designed to accelerate the time-to market for
1394a / USB 2.0 capable peripheral devices by integrating an already proven
1394a-2000 core with a USB 2.0 core and microprocessor with the necessary IDE
interface into a single ASIC. The SBP-2 (Serial Bus Protocol) compliant firmware is
stored in an external ROM (Flash). Supporting data transfers of up to 480Mbits/sec.,
the INIC-1530 IDE interface supports UltraDMA (100/66/33) modes making it feasible to
be used in many USB 2.0/1394 applications.

The1530 integrates a High Speed USB 2.0 core that will support both USB 1.1 as well as
USB 2.0 480Mbit connectivity. This coupled with the 1394a core provides a cost effective
high performance connectivity solution.

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Integrated USB 2.0 core

Integrated 1394a core

Integrated microprocessor

Support for 48 bit LBA for

large capacity array

• Full support for HID
Button control features

Provides an ideal

interconnect for
multimedia applications

Allows the development of

true plug-and-play

Supports UDMA100/66/33

• Supports Industry
Standard 1394a PHY
• Performs 1394a-2000
Cycle Master
• 128-pin LQFP package
• 1394-1995 and
1394a-2000 Compliant

Firmware Support

The INIC-1530 firmware will

support many device protocols
including MMC-2/3, RBC and
ATA/ATAPI. To expedite time-
to-market and facilitate firm-
ware development an eval-kit
will be provided to qualified
customers. The kit includes an
INIC-1530 test board and the
appropriate firmware develop-
ment environment.

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Device Support

INIC-1530 supports peak

data transfer rates of 480Mbits
per second in USB 2.0 mode
and 400Mbits in 1394a mode
which is sufficient for effective
integration of a number of
peripheral devices targeted for
use in a professional desktop
computing environment. The
current architecture satisfies
the bandwidth and Plug 'N'
Play requirements for seam-
less integration of devices
such as:

Hard Disk Drives

CD-RW/DVD Devices

Tape Drives

Removable Media

Customized to your exact


By working closely with our

customers, we can provide the right

design solution for each particular


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1394a / USB 2.0

Bridge Controller