Intelligent Motion Systems IM2000S User Manual

Description, Packaging information, Features

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The IM2000S is a high per for -

mance microstepping controller

that in cor po rates a sine/cosine

sig nal gen er a tor, anti-res o nance

cir cuit ry, PWM cur rent control

and much more in one mono lith ic

IC. The IM2000S com bines hard-

ware in tense func tions to geth er

with in no va tive fea tures to provide

de sign ers with a powerful yet sim ple

solution for their high vol ume OEM

prod ucts.

Never before has any motion prod-

uct integrated all the digital control

into one mono lith ic IC. This high

de gree of in te gra tion can signifi -

cantly reduce design time as well

as driv er size.

Beyond the integration of a com-

plete microstepping control sys tem,

the IM2000S has unique features

that give designers un prec e dent ed

con trol over motor move ment.

These fea tures in clude 14 se lect -

able res o lu tions (in both decimal

and binary) that can be changed at

any time with out motor move ment

in ter rup tion. There is no need to

reset the con trol ler. This al lows the

user to rapidly move long dis tanc es,

yet pre cise ly position the mo tor at

the end of trav el without the need or

expense of a com plex controller.

Another valuable feature is an “On

Full Step” output which in di cates

when the mo tor is at an electrical

full step. This output can be used

to reduce the over head needed to

track position when making long


The development of pro pri etary cir-

cuits has minimized ripple cur rent,

while main tain ing a 20 KHz chop-

ping rate. This prevents additional

motor heat ing that is common with

drivers re quir ing high er chop ping

rates. Now low inductance step per

motors can be used to im prove

high speed per for mance and peak

sys tem ef fi cien cy.

The IM2000S needs only clock

and di rec tion inputs to control the


Dimensions in Inches (mm)

mo tor and will in ter face directly to

dis crete bridg es or com mon mono-

lith ic bridge ICs.

Designers can now place drivers

di rect ly on their PC boards with all

the nec es sary con trol in an ultra

small 64 pin QFP package.

Size, price and time-to-market are

three crucial aspects in today’s

com pet i tive mar kets and the

IM2000S of fers the ability to re-

duce all three.





























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• IM2000S Offers a Com plete

Microstepping Control Sys tem

in a 64 Pin QFP Pack age

• Up to 10MHz Step Clock Rate
• Internal Sine/Cosine Generator
• PWM Phase Current Control
• Minimal External Components
• Automatic Current Reduction
• 14 Selectable Resolutions, in

Both Dec i mal and Binary

• Number of Microsteps

Per Step can be Changed

On-The-Fly With out Motor

Move ment Interruption

• Up to 51,200 Steps/Rev
• Standalone or Buss Modes
• Single +5 VDC Power Supply
• Short Circuit and Over

Temperature Protection Inputs

• Fault Output
• On Full Step Output
• Anti-Resonance Circuitry